With our American Contractor software support, ProEst has built a number of strategic construction software partnerships that extend the power of our solutions well beyond estimating. Whether you need to integrate estimating with accounting, get automated cost updates using a third-party service or leverage your ProEst data in unique ways, our construction software and other industry partnerships will help you achieve greater efficiencies and gain a competitive advantage.

Industry Partners
Our industry partners offer proven solutions for enhancing your ProEst software to further streamline your estimating operations. With these construction software partnerships, you’ll find resources for importing cost data, improving project management and more.

Business Partners
At ProEst, we recognize the value of seamless integration between our estimating software and other industry-leading products, including construction accounting software, project management systems and online plan rooms. Here you will find our growing list of construction software integration partnerships.

Industry Associations
ProEst supports many important and influential construction industry associations. Here you will find our list of association partners, including the American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE), which is dedicated to the advancement of the ethics, knowledge and professionalism of construction estimating.

Partner Inquiries
Our partner program is designed to create mutually-beneficial partnerships that result in joint financial success. Whether you are a construction software reseller, a software developer interested in a strategic integration alliance or looking to deliver estimating solutions to an international market, our partner program can help you capitalize on the established ProEst brand.

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