Explore ProEst Construction Estimating Software

Welcome to ProEst

Welcome to ProEst: powerful, easy-to-use construction estimating platform that helps companies like yours quickly create accurate, competitive bids for your construction projects. With our construction bidding process, you can create estimates, perform digital blueprint takeoffs, store project drawings and manage the bid day process using a single solution.

Key ProEst Benefits:

  • Our construction estimating software provides an intuitive user interface that lowers the learning curve and makes it quick and easy to create detailed estimates
  • A single solution with one database for storing all of your valuable estimate data means you’ll never have to search for a missing estimate or drawing file again
  • A standardized estimating process that increases efficiency, eliminates errors and presents a consistent and professional company brand

Estimate Center

All estimates are stored in a single place for quick access. Search by estimate code, description, estimator or type of work. Easily retrieve the exact estimate you need in seconds.

Key ProEst Benefits:

  • Instant access to any estimate company-wide.
  • Quickly find any estimate in seconds.
  • Ability to analyze your estimates by type of work, estimator, or department.
  • Understand exactly what type of work is the most profitable for your company.

Estimate Details

Each estimate in ProEst contains multiple components including documents storage , an estimate sheet for all of the cost associated with an estimate, any digital takeoffs performed on an estimate as well as the summary of what markups are applied to the estimate.

Key ProEst Benefits for Contractors:

  • The user-definable column layout allows you to create a customized view of your most important data
  • Ease-of-use features include the ability to quickly search for, edit or add new items to the estimate – and markups like profit and overhead are automatically calculated
  • Quick analysis is easy with instant on-screen totals available by group or user-definable sort type
  • The at-a- glance summary lets you know if your bid is on budget

Digital Takeoffs

With estimating and takeoffs in a single software, the cost is automatically calculated from the takeoff. Digital takeoff technology is built into ProEst, which gives you the flexibility to perform takeoffs on-screen using electronic blueprints and a mouse.

Key ProEst Benefits for Contractors:

  • Eliminates time-consuming manual takeoff steps.
  • Built-in digital takeoffs reduce takeoff time by 50%
  • Paperless estimating eliminates printing costs, reduces storage space and lets you “go green” with takeoffs


The flexible and robust reporting features within ProEst allow you to generate a wide variety of high quality reports, like labor reports and estimate summaries for internal use, and materials lists for vendors. You can also give your company’s image a boost by creating professional proposals for your clients.

Key ProEst Benefits for Contractors:

  • Create professional looking reports, quickly and easily
  • Choose from dozens of standard reports, or design custom reports to view your estimate detail plans in unique ways
  • Analyze historical data to improve estimate accuracy over time

Experience the Difference

  • An intuitive user interface
  • A single cloud-based solution to store all of your valuable estimate data
  • Industry-specific solutions that give you complete control over your estimating data
  • Flexible and robust reporting and proposal creation
  • Advanced integration capabilities
  • Integrated digital blueprint takeoffs