Case Studies

Kolde Construction

Kolde Construction Wins More Jobs and Increases Profits with ProEst Estimating by ProEst

Company: Kolde Construction – St. Marys, KS – Concrete Construction

Employees: 35 – 40

Annual Revenues: over $4M

Challenge: How to streamline the company’s estimating processes.

Solution: ProEst Estimating Software integrated with ComputerEase Accounting Software.


  • Ability to produce fast and accurate estimates
  • Increased bid-hit ratio, work volume and annual profits
  • Import estimates from ProEst to ComputerEase in seconds
  • Reports help keep jobs on schedule and within budget
  • Professional proposals enhance company image

“With ProEst, we have significantly increased the number of estimates we are able to generate. It comes down to being able to turn out estimates quickly, and being confident that the numbers you are putting together are correct. I have that confidence with ProEst.”

Malcolm Smith, Estimating Lead
Kolde Construction