Update Instructions - ProEst Construction Estimating Software

Update Instructions

The latest version of ProEst is available for download. To install this important update, simply follow the steps below. Note that this is an update file only; the full installation must be completed prior to installing this update.

Step 1: Update ProEst Estimating to latest release

Before installing the ProEst Update file you want to be sure you are on the latest release of the ProEst Estimating. This will make sure that database is up to date with the most current release of the software

  • Go to Start>All Programs>Estimating>ProEst Maintenance
  • Click on Update Software on the left side
  • Then click on the first option Update Software
  • A message should appear in the middle, choose Update All Database
Step 2: Backup your current ProEst database

Before you install the ProEst Update file, it’s important to backup your ProEst database. This will ensure that you have a data recovery process in place if there are installation issues with your system.

Backup Instructions:

  • Go to Start>All Programs>ProEst Estimating>ProEst Maintenance
  • Click “Backup Database” and choose “Complete database”
  • Select a file path for your backup data
  • Click on the Start Backup button
Step 3: Download and install the ProEst Update file (Date 07/09/2014)

Click here to download the ProEst Update file: 

When prompted, choose the “Save As” option to save the file to any location on your network. Once the ProEst Update file is saved, you will need to install the update on all computers running ProEst. 

To install the Update file, double click the file and follow the Windows prompts. 

If you have any questions or need assistance installing the update, simply call our support department at 858-312-8911 or submit a support case online at www.proest.com/supportcase.htm.

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