Release Notes

The release notes below confirm our commitment to constant improvement. We are aggressively looking for new ways to improve our product and welcome all client feedback.

January 11, 2013

New Features

  • General : Windows 8 Compatible
  • General : Added a User Level of "View Only" for users that you do not want to modify the system
  • General : Copy selected in the database also copies sort types
  • Database : SQL 2008 upgrade to allow clients to utilize the Windows 8 Operating system
  • Estimate : Easier to read estimate summary with Alternates listed below the base estimate price
  • Estimate : Added "View by Drawing" option to group estimate items and assemblies
  • Estimate : Assembly quantities are now displayed on the header line
  • Reports : New Bid Status Monthly
  • Reports : New Job Status
  • Reports : New Job Status Summary
  • Reports : Added a print by sub-division range for all item database reports
  • Reports : New Drawing All Cost Types
  • Reports : New Item History report to track the material cost paid for an item over a date range of estimates
  • Reports : Job Type Summary report now has graphic charts displaying data
  • Reports : New Item Detail showing all cost type information
  • Report Designer : Added a filter option to filter reports by cost type
  • Takeoff : Added a ruler function for quick length measurements
  • Takeoff : Auto count functionality and speed improved
  • Takeoff : Print option allows you to move the takeoff legend or remove from report
  • Takeoff : Print option allows you to print all takeoffs on separate or a single page
  • Takeoff : Can now rename a drawing in the navigation pane
  • Takeoff : Can now rename an assembly takeoff in the navigation pane
  • Integration : Trade Service Australia for electrical material price updates
  • Integration : StarBuilder Accounting interface enhanced by adding material part numbers and vendors
  • Integration : StarBuilder Accounting interface updated to work with our latest version
  • Integration : ComputerEase Accounting interface added Change Order support
  • Maintenance : Added a software update option to easily get between release patched and updates

Resolved Issues

  • General : Large numbers not longer cause calculation error
  • General : Closing Gotomeeting no longer also closes ProEst
  • General : Font overlap when using large DPI settings
  • General : Default Units used for new estimates when setup on ProEst Setup screen
  • Estimate : Formula is displayed in column if attached to an item
  • Estimate : Changing cost on a selected vendor does not clear the selected vendor
  • Formula : Past line now works correctly without removing any lines
  • Reports : Estimates by Client now includes all clients in the date range
  • Reports : Division database report no longer prints deleted divisions
  • Reports : Material reports no longer cut off the far right columns
  • Reports : Proposal report print correct estimate code if code greater than 10 digits
  • Takeoff : Updated "Snap to Grid" function and renamed to "Snap to Angle"
  • Takeoff : Highlighter now works with the pan function
  • Takeoff : Perimeter value gets updated when Scale or Custom Scale functions are used
  • Integration : Purchase Order option now only exports item that have a material cost
  • Integration : Graybar interface looks for specific fields and confirms the file format before importing
  • Integration : Checks for correct credentials before attempting to import a project

August 2, 2012

New Features

  • Database: 48 Division GC database installed as Default
  • Estimate: Can Change Estimator on Existing Estimate
  • Estimate: Maintain Estimate View by State
  • Formulas: Added quantity Prompt On/Off Option
  • Pricing: Added new interface for Goodin
  • Reports: Report Designer Added
  • Reports: Can run report for multiplied clients on an estimate
  • Reports: Added print by range option on many reports in Report Preview screen
  • Takeoff: Ability to Scale lines and Counts
  • Takeoff: Calculate Perimeter and assign to items in an Assembly
  • Takeoff: Save Zoomed state per takeoff
  • Integration: Outlook Sync added to Contact Screen

Resolved Issues

  • General: Speed Enhancements
  • Takeoff: Print Drawing sized legend correctly
  • Takeoff: Disable Sounds Corrected

April 20, 2012

New Features

  • Estimate: Only Used Sort Types displayed in Navigation pane
  • Estimate: Selected line Backcolor set to red for zero values on all columns
  • Estimate: Change Selected, Added Labor Conversion and Material Vendor
  • Estimate: Estimate status bar added Gross Profit Percentage
  • Integration: Viewpoint Interface Enhancements
  • Integration: Foundation, changed export to CSV and removed header record
  • Integration: New Dexter Chaney Accounting Integration Added
  • Report: Header Information saved per user
  • Report: New Alternate Summary Price
  • Report: New Accounting Codes All Cost Types Added
  • Report: New Estimate Summary Added
  • Report: Added Sort Type Multi-Level
  • Report: Added Division Summary with Notes
  • Report: New Estimate Comparison Added
  • Report: Updated Material List report and added two new ones
  • Report: New Sort Type Unit Price Added
  • Takeoff: Can now disable Sound off Setup screen

Resolved Issues

  • General: Add New Estimate, using template copies all data
  • General: Maintain Record pointer when adding or deleting in all tables
  • General: Maintain Vertical Bars within Navigation Panes
  • Integration: ComputerEase Special Characters Now Work in Phase and Category
  • Integration: ComputerEase Pull Lists sends exact order quantity
  • Integration: Standard Pricing Interface Updated
  • Integration: New Platt Vendor Interface Added
  • Report: Saving to PDF uses estimate code and description in file name
  • Report: Sub-division Cost divisions in Correct order
  • Report: Takeoff Text size maintained when printed to PDF
  • Report: Formula Report No longer prints deleted lines
  • Takeoff: Plan Viewer stays opened until closing estimate or screen
  • Takeoff: Count Images Not cleared when clearing a takeoff
  • Screen Layout: Saves Column Order and Selected Columns
  • Vendors: Can access material detail tab for all levels






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