Estimating Software Evaluation Guide

See information provided on select construction software comparisons. It is important to know all the facts of a product before investing hard earned money into it. You can never be TOO prepared. Compare construction estimating software with our data and information below.
# Description ProEst Estimating Other System
1 How Long has the company been in business? In business since 1976, a 35+ year proven track record.
2 How many companies are using your software? 8,000+ construction companies across the globe use ProEst for estimating.
3 Does the company develop all of their own products? Yes. ProEst designs, develops and maintains all of their software products.
4 What is the technical support and update policy? Annual ProEst subscriptions include unlimited telephone support, and all software updates and enhancements.
5 Are references available? Yes, you can call our clients that have been using ProEst for decades.
6 Is the software user-friendly? Yes. ProEst has an easy-to-use interface with a Microsoft Office look and feel.
7 Does the software have both item and assembly takeoffs? Yes. ProEst comes complete with prebuilt, industry-specific databases that includes items and assemblies.
8 How many costs per item does the software accommodate? ProEst has 5 standard costs per item, including Material, Labor, Subs, Equip. and Other. ProEst Enterprise also lets you add 5 user-definable cost types.
9 Are there multiple levels of markups? Yes. ProEst markups include Taxes, Burdens, Overhead and Profit, as well as single line markups and a Bond Table.
10 Can an estimate be broken down and organized by Location and Area? Yes. ProEst sorts types are user-definable and unlimited in number.
11 Can an estimate be broken down by Phase or Work Breakdown Structure? Yes. Estimate breakdowns are user-definable and alpha numeric.
12 Does the software have a centralized cost table? Yes. The cost table in ProEst allows the user to update thousands of items with one change.
13 Does the software allow for Subcontract and Vendor quote comparison? Yes. Input multiple subcontractor or material vendors and select the best cost solution.
14 Does the system maintain job cost codes per item? Yes. ProEst allows the user to assign job cost codes to all items. The software interfaces with over 20 accounting and job cost systems.
15 Will the software import trade databases? Yes. ProEst can import RS Means, Trade Service and Allpriser data, as well as standard text files from suppliers.
16 Does the system have formulas and are they user-definable? Yes. The formulas are completely user-definable for creating custom takeoffs.
17 Can you customize your own reports? Yes. ProEst has a built-in report generator to create the exact information output required by a company.
18 Can we move to a more advanced system as our company grows? Yes. Multiple levels of ProEst are available to help meet a company’s needs at every stage of business development.
19 How often are major updates released? ProEst releases a major software update every 12-24 months. This helps ProEst users stay current with new operating system releases and the changing construction industry.
20 Is the software compatible with other industry-leading applications? Yes. ProEst has over 20 accounting interfaces, as well as links to CAD and scheduling programs, Microsoft Office and online plan rooms.
21 Is training available and in what formats? Yes. ProEst offers Web-based, on-site and classroom training at the company’s San Diego headquarters.
22 Is online or web-based support available? Yes. Each ProEst subscription includes Worry-Free Maintenance with unlimited Web-based and telephone support.


Choosing the best construction estimate software solution for your company’s needs doesn’t need to be overwhelming. By using our Estimating Software Evaluation Guide, you’ll have a useful tool for comparing products side-by-side in order to make an educated software purchase. If there are any questions or concerns that we did not address in this guide, feel free to give us a call at 800.255.7407 and contact us today for info on our construction estimating services.

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