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ProEst is a powerful subcontractor estimating software solution designed to meet the unique needs of specialty trades. With ProEst, you can use standard cost types like material, labor and equipment, along with your own user-defined types, to quickly calculate the cost of any project. Time-saving tools, such as built-in electrical bid software, advanced integration capabilities and strong reporting, extend the power of ProEst well beyond estimating. Similar to our general contractor software, you can even import data from your legacy estimating system so your historical information is available in ProEst.

Many subcontractor estimating software systems are designed for a single trade, such as roofing, painting or landscape design and maintenance. At ProEst, we combine industry-standard estimating functions with user-defined fields and a fully-customizable database to deliver flexible subcontractor estimating software that can quickly be tailored to your type of work.

Fast and Easy Estimating – ProEst subcontractor estimating software is a complete solution that combines cost estimating with digital takeoffs to give specialty contractors a standardized process for estimating projects of all types and sizes. An intuitive user interface lowers the learning curve, making it quick and easy to create detailed estimates. Estimates can then be organized by phase, system, building or any user-defined sort type to create a custom view of information.

Digital Takeoffs – Digital takeoffs are built into ProEst subcontractor estimating software, which gives you the flexibility to perform takeoffs on-screen using electronic plans or using paper blueprints. This integrated estimating feature reduces takeoff time by up to 50% and isn’t available with many other subcontractor estimating software systems. Digital takeoff solutions for subcontractors let you spend less time bidding on projects and more time pursuing new work.

Flexible Markups – Stay competitive by analyzing and adjusting your markups. ProEst subcontractor estimating software makes it easy to refine your estimate to maximize profit. ProEst even gives you an at-a-glance snapshot of your estimate by displaying all your costs on a single screen. When you’re ready, use the built-in subcontractor estimating software report writer to generate a professional-looking proposal that reinforces your company’s brand.

Specialty Subcontractor Database – Your affordable ProEst subcontractor estimating software subscription includes our flexible, user-definable database. Hit the ground running with:

  • A unique materials database built for your specialty
  • Historical data imported from your legacy estimating system
  • Standard and user-defined cost types for material, labor and equipment
  • Worry-free maintenance and support

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